Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Prestige Difference

       We understand that these are tough economic times, and money is tight in every household. Today's consumer is always shopping around for the best deal and the most "bang for your buck." Decisions are made every day whether to maintain or replace, and which would be the most cost effective route. As local contractors who live and work in this area we understand this economy we all share, and how far a dollar truly goes. When you hire Prestige Sealcoating LLC we go above and beyond to give you more then what you paid for.
       First and foremost let me start by saying we are never going to be the cheapest estimate you receive for many different reasons. We are a business, and as a business we need to make a profit to stay afloat. We started in this business with nothing and the beginning years were a struggle and a learning/humbling experience. We know exactly what it cost us every step of the way to make your driveway look beautiful; from the material to the labor, and the miscellaneous in between. That being said we will never work for free or and we will not willingly take a loss. We want the best for you and your driveway, but it will come at a cost. You might ask: "Why should we pay more to hire Prestige Sealcoating llc?"
       Experience, experience, experience. As a small business there is no one there to hold your hand to help get the job done for you. Between my brother and I we share 16 years real world experience. This is not a summer gig for us. We have worked 7 days a week, 10-12 hour days for the past eight years. We know asphalt and we understand its setbacks and frailties. We know what your driveway needs and what it does not. We will be the first to tell you if your driveway is not worth sealing, is in need of paving, or if it would be okay if you skipped sealing it this year. We will never waste your time or your money with services you don't need or services that will not help prolong the life of your asphalt. You helped get us to where we are today. We will never forget that, and for that we are grateful for it. Along with that experience comes the understanding of the materials and the proper methods and tools to yield the best possible outcome.
       We have tried and tested every major brand of sealer on the market and we now stand by Copeland Coatings refined coal tar emulsion with latex additives for strength, resilience, and adhesion. Not only is Copeland a local business in the area most of the ingredients that go into making their sealer come from right here in the USA. It truly is a great American product from the clay to the sand to the final product which we bring straight to you. We receive our sealer straight from Copeland pure and uncut the only thing we have to do is dilute the material which allows us to be able to spread the sealer evenly onto the asphalt. Now I know what you're thinking; "Why am I paying for watered down product?" We only add thirty gallons of water to every hundred gallons of sealer as instructed by Copeland. This allows the sealer to form a workable consistency and keeps the ingredients in the sealer mixed and uniform. Sealer that is too thick will not penetrate past the surface of the asphalt and will flake/chip off. Sealer that is too thin will wear prematurely, and have no resistance to chemicals. Be assured our sealer is just right and ready for action.
       Second, we have the equipment to get the job done right. All of our sealer tanks are five hundred and fifty gallon stainless steel tanks commercially designed with one purpose; to transport sealer safely. Our tanks have inner splash lids to keep the material in the tank and a outer lid that fastens securely so there is no risk of sealer escaping. They also come with agitation systems which allow us to stir the material throughout the day and keep our sealer mixed to perfection for a flawless job every time. We have a fleet of wheeled blowers to handle the smallest driveway to the largest parking lot. We have never meet a driveway we couldn't clean, and believe me we have seen them all. We use special brooms designed for sealcoating asphalt that help us get as much sealer into your driveway as humanly possible, while maintaining a picturesque end result. When it comes to hot crack filling we have that too! We possess a thirty gallon melting pot which allows us to safely melt rubber to four hundred and fifty degrees, so we can heat treat cracks once and for all. From there, the material goes into a pour pot and is spread with a hot crack fill squeegee. We would never cheap out on our end when it comes to materials and tools, and then expect you to pay a fortune for less. We have invested in this company, and like with any investment we expect a healthy return.
       In closing, the main reason we cost more is because we do more, we know more, and we have over 2,000 photos on the internet through our web page, and links off of our web page that will back that up. When I say we cost more the difference is usually somewhere between $10-25 sometimes more but that is because the other guy's estimate is so ridiculously low he can't even afford to do the job for that price unless he is cutting corners at every turn. All we ask is that before you decide on a contractor call us first. You will be happy you did.